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Kim's Clients Love their New Bodies and Lives!

I highly recommend Kim as your life coach she has helped me to change my routine and my life. She has given me the tools to grow and is just a wonderful person!! So happy to have taken this journey with her!!
Traci Grant

Coach Kim is amazing! Not only can she help with helping you losing weight and gaining back your energy, but she does it it in a way that it changes you forever! She doesn't do it by putting you on a diet, but more by helping you change your relationship with food and with yourself. She is so kind and helpful with her advice and she knows how to communicate in a way to motivate you from within. She works with your personal underlying issues and helps you find them if you need too. And she does it all kindly and softly, with all her knowledge. She is truly a gift! I recommend Coach Kim to anyone that is looking to better their life, lose weight and gain their life back.
Catherine Peet

Thank you to Kim for such a wonderful experience on how to not only nourish my body but my soul. I completed the 90 day transformation with Kim and I must say after years of feeling unaccomplished and feeling unworthy and resulting in having terrible eating habits, I can definitely say Kim helped me discover my worth and my why's. I made better food choices and I feel so much more empowered and definitely feeling accomplished in my life. Her program will definitely stick with you even after the 90 days. She's so helpful, nurturing, caring, and gently holds you accountable. Doesn't press or pressure you but definitely keeps you on track! I highly recommend Kim at Thrive wellness to help achieve your wellness goals!
Stephanie Castrillo

I cannot thank coach Kim enough for all of her support and guidance!! Thrive Wellness Coaching was exactly what I needed. I learned so many amazing life skills and strategies for success during my individualized sessions with Kim. She is professional, patient, and engaging!! I highly recommend coach Kim!
Deanna Nelson

Before I started working with Kim, I felt disorganized within my life, no energy and didn’t even know where to start. I wanted to gain physical strength and energy to do activities and keep up with my young kids. Through her guidance, accountability and grace filled approach I learned how to make myself a priority, listen to my body, and gain the energy and strength I was looking for. Thank you Kim for helping me build a foundation to continue to grow in ways I never thought possible.
Stephenie Ellery

Kim Kagan comes highly recommended for those of you that need some guidance in your life right now. Kim came into my life at a time when I thought my world was coming crashing down on my head. As it turns out, my world didn't crash and Kim guided me through looking at everything through different perspectives. With focus on my well being and mental health, goal setting, what's important, what I can't change and how to make the most of what I can. Kim is knowledgeable, calm, focused on my needs and brought me to a better understanding of what my life could be with some tweaks to my schedules and focus on what I want to achieve. I learned that I don't have to be super woman to achieve all that I want from my life. I am still a work in progress but I now have the tools to become my better self! Thank you Kim, you are an amazing and I am so grateful to have you in my life.
Jane Shobe

I just completed the 90 Thrive Wellness Coaching. I walked away with some very important changes in the way I think about personal transformation and with a tool kit to create the change I need for personal happiness. I have a tendency to think like a victim, try as I may not too. There is too much going on and too many people relying on me. I can't slow down or everything will come crashing down. With weekly planning I found that I could name what is important, schedule time for action steps, put in place reminders and then celebrate all the small victories. It was a profoundly important reminder that my happiness must be a priority. It's not selfish to want to be happy. It is an imperative to living an authentic life.
Edith Radnoti

When I came to Kim I was overwhelmed by almost everything in my life. My husband had passed away a few months before and I lost perspective of how to move forward. I didn't know who I was without my love and needed to rediscover ME as a person. Kim helped me step by step, week by week, sometimes hour by hour of how to get back on track. The program she offers taught me how to set and complete goals; how important accountability is; how to deal with stress in healthy ways; and essentially understanding that the power is within me. Kim helped me find and develop that power. I am a better person because of this program and the coaching Kim gave me along the way.
Teri Bennett

Where to start.. Kim is amazing at what she does. I cannot more highly recommend her. I have done coaching before but Kim’s approach took it to another level. Her caring, compassionate manner felt genuine & I felt she went above & beyond in her work with me. I am a mom of two little ones and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and put myself on the back burner. Kim helped me to be a better mom by finding myself again and not just allowing myself to always be on the back burner. The fact that was able to do all of this over video chat since I live in North Carolina was so amazing! I didn’t have to find childcare and stress about getting somewhere on time! I could even do it in my pj’s does it get any better then that? Thank you so much Kim I am forever grateful!
Cassie Lahr

Kim is an amazing health/life coach. I'm a busy working Mom and completely stopped doing things for myself. I had gained weight and felt overwhelmed. I was having a hard time getting my health back on track. She has motivated me in many ways to be fit, less stressed, and happier. I am forever grateful for the tools that she has given me to get my life back on track. I will recommend her to all of my family and friends.
Heidi Warner

Thrive Wellness and Kim are AMAZING! This 90 day transformation couldn’t have came at a better time in my life! I don’t think I’ve ever said my goals to anyone or let alone out loud... talking about them did something inside of me! Love this journey! Thank You!
Cheryl Monteiro

Kim is really committed to helping people. She really made me feel heard and acknowledged. I knew she understood my struggles by the great questions she asked, they really got me thinking. She has a very calm and relaxed way of making you feel comfortable.
Malia Kagan

Thank you Kim!  After going through your program , I now feel in control of all parts of my life... mind, body and spirit! The detox program was an unexpected additional bonus . I was able to drop 9 pounds and I have never felt more in charge of my life!

I would recommend Kim's services to anyone who is looking to feel more in charge of their life, their time and wanting to have more balance and over well-being.

Kim P.

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