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Thrive Wellness

Health and Life Coaching for Women

Lose weight and feel great without dieting! 

Coach Kim
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About Thrive

About Thrive Wellness Coaching


Thrive Wellness Coaching helps women who are unhappy with their body, lack energy, and feel like they don't have time for themselves. Thrive provides the system, support, and accountability for women to create time for themselves, have endless amounts of energy and love their life again!

Energy and Vitality
Energy & Vitality

Do you feel fatigued and lack the energy to have the life you want? Boost your energy levels...Kim will show you how!


Sleep is key to your overall physical and mental health. We'll give you tools and tips to fall asleep, sleep restfully through the night, and wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Self Love & Happiness

Self love is not selfish. As women, we are so busy taking care of everyone else, we forget to take time for ourselves. I'll show you how to make time for you.

Healthy Eating

Every woman's body handles food differently. We'll experiment with clean, whole foods to find out what works best for you!  

Weight Loss

Do you have excess body fat you didn't used to have? Diets don't work! Create a habit change that lasts a lifetime.


Is life stressing you out? Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? We'll pinpoint what's creating the stress and take steps to create peace and balance.

Change your habits. Change your life!



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Discovery Session

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90 Day Total 
Green and purple fresh juices or smoothi

28 Day
Reset Cleanse

You deserve to have the health, body, and life that you want!


discovery session

Discovery Session

total transformation
90 Day Total 
weight loss

Weight Loss
for Women

Reset Cleanse

28 Day
Reset Cleanse

fabulous over forty

Fabulous Over

You deserve to have the health, body, and life that you want!

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The lotus flower grows in the depths of muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom into a beautiful flower. The Thrive lotus symbolizes women experiencing a transformation, rising above their current lifestyle and becoming the best version of themselves. 

Meet Kim
Meet Coach Kim
Health Coach Certification
Life Coach Certification
Transformational Coach Certification
Mastery Coachg Certification
Continuing Coach Education

Meet Kim

Founder, Health & Life Coach

Hi ladies! I’m super excited to work with you to create the life and body you deserve. But before that, let me tell you a little about who you will be working with. I live in San Clemente with my husband and love of my life. We have four children among us, pretty much all grown up now! 


For nearly 30 years, I had a successful career in the dental field. I was a working mother, step-mother, and was no stranger to the stresses of trying to strike a work-life balance. In my forties, I went through major life and body changes. My hormones began changing. I gained unwanted weight. I wasn’t sleeping well. I often felt stressed and overwhelmed trying to do it all. That’s when I turned to making my health and happiness a priority. I worked on my body and mind with health and wellness coaching. I had a total transformation. I became healthier and happier than I was in my twenties! 


That’s when I knew health coaching was my new life’s direction. I wanted to help women going through similar experiences. I went through it and came out stronger and healthier than ever and now it is my mission to help you too.


I went back to school and got certifications for health and life coaching. With my lifelong interest in health and personal development, it was a perfect fit. I created a beautiful consultation space to meet with women in person. I also do virtual consultations, allowing me to coach women who live anywhere. I call my practice Thrive because that’s exactly what I love to see my clients do—not only survive the challenges we women face—but actually thrive! My personal philosophy is that our daily habits create who we are and by changing our habits, we change our lives!


I love the beach, cooking, yoga, working out, and of course, helping women find balance and happiness in their lives. I look forward to working with you! You deserve to invest in your health and personal happiness.

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"Hey love. Just wanted you to know that this 90 day transformation couldn’t have came at a better time in my life! I don’t think I’ve ever said my goals to anyone or let alone out loud... talking about them did something inside me! Love this journey! Thank you!"

— Cheryl M.


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Thrive is based in San Clemente, CA. In-person coaching sessions are conducted in the Thrive office. Virtual coaching is offered for women outside of the local area as well as for your convenience. 

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